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About Us

about us

Cheelee is a GameFi short video platform.
Watch. Play. Earn

With built-in game mechanics and Web3, users earn money by viewing and creating content, regardless of the number of subscribers

Users spend an average of 2.5 hours daily on social networks and get nothing fоr it. We believe that this is unfair

Cheelee app


Our main goal is to turn Cheelee into a lifestyle where users from around the world can have fun and simultaneously monetize spent on our platform


Cheelee is an app that is used by everyone worldwide for entertainment, development and earnings!

Our mission is to provide everyone the opportunity to monetize their time on social media

Cheelee works within the «Attention Economy» framework

Other social media consider a user as an information and advertising target. But a Cheelee user is a full system member, partner and beneficiary.

The «Attention Economy» was created by Herbert Simon, the winner of the Nobel Prize. He determined a certain approach to the management of information through treating human attention as a scarce commodity: human attention is the new oil

The main idea of the «Attention Economy» is that human attention should be converted into income using modern technologies. One of the theoretical foundations is that you pay your attention to what you want, and you get paid for it. Your attention has value.

Through the GameFi mechanics, Cheelee’s audience earns together with the platform by converting their attention into money


Vladislav Martynov

Vladislav Martynov

Serial WEB3.0 entrepreneurCo‑Founder of BlockGeeks.comEx‑member of Ethereum Advisory Board

Matt Hagger

Matt Hagger

Serial entrepreneur and investorPartner E‑Man Asset managementInventor of Zkatter — 1st mobile social video platform in 2007

Rachel Pether

Rachel Pether

Advisory board MidChains and Islamic CoinSenior positions at Mubadala and Skybridge CapitalExperienced journalist of BBCTV host of Digital Asset Report

Milan Amin

Milan Amin

Level Marketer with over 10 years experience7 years in Crypto and Web3, Ex‑Binance — Global Brand and PartnershipsWorked with some of the biggest celebrities in the world to build brandsMarketing Guru and Web3 Scaler

The competitive advantages

  • You can start with
    no investment

    User gets a Starting Digital Glasses upon signing‑up

  • The project is protected from farms and bots

    Thanks to the deep behavioral metrics, we can block them, protecting the system from fraud and liquidity drain

  • Cheelee analogues will not
    appear in the near future

    The technologies behind Cheelee took more than three years of hard work

  • Limited emission of in‑game utility coin LEE

    In conjunction with increasing difficulty of LEE mining drives the price up and attracts the holders

  • Developed mechanics to support the token’s rate

    We transfer 70% of the profits from ads and in‑app purchases and 100% of the profits from NFT sales and in‑app transactions to the Stability Fund

  • Cheelee integrates into the existing user flow

    There is no need to form new habits — just watch the feed as usual

Project leaders

Ruslan Sharov

CEO, Founder

Ruslan Sharov

Entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience, business angelCo-Founder of the KSK group consulting company, Mazalt Group holding, Angel Gift charity fund

Roman Alekseev


Roman Alekseev

Serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the international marketVenture capitalist with a portfolio of over $500 million. Invested in 44 crypto projectsPhilanthropist, mentor and visionary

Yuriy Kardonov

CPO, Co‑Founder

Yuriy Kardonov

CEO and Founder of the CommON start‑up in the field of neurotechnology and virtual realityOrganizer of Russian and global hackathons for IT‑developers

Ryan Horn

Global CMO

Ryan Horn

Ex‑Binance NFT DirectorCo‑Founder N3ON6+ years in Crypto & WEB3.020+ years in Brand & Commercial Innovation as Agency CEO, Start Up Alchemist & Chief Innovation Officer

Viktoriia Miracle


Viktoriia Miracle

Serial entrepreneur, 12+ years in business and marketingExpert in Communication, Leadership, and SalesConducted over 350 interviews

Gabriel Zanko

CSO, Advisor

Gabriel Zanko

CEO & Founder of MobileyourLife & Urano Capital FundEx PwC, Nokia & SiemensGlobal Speaker and Lecturer at University UCAB (Caracas) teaching about Blockchain & DeFi

Join the team

Join the Socialfi frontier and create the world of the future with us

We’re always looking for people. Exceptional abilities, talents and ways of thinking are signature characteristics that unite the interstellar team at Сheelee

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